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Welcome! This website was created on 16 Feb 2010 and last updated on 14 May 2019. The family trees on this site contain 1451 relatives and 85 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About The Patel & Pandor Family
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 The Patel Family in question here hail from a village call Taraj situated some 30km  from the city of Surat in Gujrat,India. It is a small village consisting of some  perhaps 100 households predominantly of Sunni Muslim HANAFFI composition.

There is one mosque,one fairly large Madrassa with a good proportion of foreign nearby  villages students,a local shop a post office,school and receives mains supplied  water,  electricity and no mains gas supply (2010).Its administrative town is Palsana  where there is a court and major officials.

Its nearest villages are Samrod,Italva,and nearby larger kasbas (larger villages),Vesma  and Lajpore.

Taraj is fairly well renowned among the Gujrat Muslim population south of the Tapti  river because of its founder The eminent Mowlana Mohammad Ali Kara who was the first  ever Gujrat Aalim who qualified from the world renowned Deoband Darul Uloom In Uttar  Pradesh in North India. Mowlana Mohammad Ali Kara was the maternal uncle and ustad of  Mowlana Yusuf Ismail Patel in his preliminary islamic education commencing on the  veranda with 5 others. These first student completed their education of Molvi in Dhabel  and then proceded to Deoband for further learning .They included Mowlana Ahmad Moosa  Pandore and Mowlana Timol along with Molana Yusuf Ismail Patel.

After qualifying from Deoband, Mowlana Yusuf Patel taught in Ashraffya Madressa of  Rander and in Dhabhel Madressa . Mr Maureea Seth a businessman in Mauritius and native of  Rander who was visiting Rander, proposed and got Mowlana Yusuf Patel  to emigrate to Mauritius in the early 1940's as teacher to his children.Mowlana Yusuf  Patel later took up the post of Mohtameem (Principal)of the Surtee Sunni Musulman Society  Madressa in Port-Louis the Mauritian Capital. He remained in this post for a number of years.

Later Mowlana Yusuf Patel set up a small business managed by a friend janab Sip on the  road side on a tricycle.This progressed to opening a small imitation jewellery shop and later  moved to larger premises as business bloomed.He diversified his trade in general goods- textiles, footwears,muslim wedding paraphernalia and lastly ran a readymade garments  industry.That was when he left as a teacher altogether.

However he did not cease his religious work .He frequently delivered Taqreers (sermons)  in various parts of the island. He enjoyed a good reputation, commanded respect and was  considered as a learned man.
 As time went by Mowlana Patel arranged for his brother in law, Mowlana Ahmad Pandore,  his brothers Goolam Hussain and Cassim Patel to immigrate to Mauritius and join him.Goolam and  Cassim Patel were set up in business.

Mowlana Pandore's brothers Mahmood and Quari Suleman Pandore also were called to Mauritius  during the years that followed. Their families in turn joined them. Thus a good contingent of  the Patel and Pandore Families were to settle in Mauritius during the late 40's  and 50's.The Pandore originate from Italva village which is about 2 miles from Taraj. On the other hand the Taraj Madrassa grew in its number of student and its size. In  recent years very impressive hostel accommodations have been added.

The Taraj village has since flourished in new buildings for accommodation, in its  amenities and educational facilities particularly with the benevolent helps, funding and  dedications of Mowlana Hakim Ahmadi and The Amejee brothers of London.  May Allah reward them in the Hereafter. Unfortunately, Taraj had at a certain period  been drained of its younger population leaving the elders behind.

These Surat District first Deoband qualified Ulemas emigrated to various parts of the  world like Mauritius ,South Africa and Fiji for the propagation of Islam in the  hitherto islamically less fortunate  populations.

It is said that there were 7 brothers some of whom became as Amejees,Seedats and Patels  having been the village headman having responsibility for reporting births,deaths and  events of importance from administrative viewpoint..

Molana Yusuf Ismail Patel was the grand father of the initiator of this collection,  Mohammad Ashraf Patel.

Ismael Ibrahim Patel was a humble well respected agriculturist and secretary of the  local Taraj Madrassah .

Have more info? Contact me! mo@patel.mu

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